Homemade Garri


Emmppek Homemade Garri is a staple food in West Africa, made from cassava tubers. It is a great source of carbohydrates and can be enjoyed with a variety of meals or as a snack.

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Satisfying aroma &taste
Sand free
Dry & Crunchy

It contains fibre and carbohydrates to support a balanced diet for your family. It is produced and packed under hygienic conditions and is NAFDAC approved.
Emmppek homemade Garri is hygienically prepared organically according to the original Sapele recipe.
Made from granulated cassava, Emmppek homemade Garri has low moisture content for extra crunch and extra swell. Rich source of carbohydrates for energy.

Our Garri is:
Cassava & Palm Oil
Packed in 1 Kg and 2 Kg


1kg, 2kg


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